Effortlessly track border entry requirements

SafeScore provides curated travel and border data: up-to-date and country specific. We not only specialise in border entry and exit restrictions but also in aviation safety protocols through our industry-wide standardised safety reports - tailored for any journey.

Entry Status

Open, closed, and everything in between, we know which countries are open to which travellers.

PCR Requirements

Everybody is different and so are PCR testing requirements so we keep track of the ever-changing landscape.

Quarantine Laws

We monitor quarantine requirements for each country: where, for how long, who pays and more

The must-have safety database

We believe in custom and cleanly sourced data, which we provide in our extensive travel safety database. Additionally, our research captures more than generic information - we pride ourselves in our holistic travel data offering including:

  • Daily Updates and Traveller-Specific Information
  • 200+ Govermental Policies
  • 800+ Airlines & Airports

Client Spotlight

Helping Kerry Airport combat passenger communication and queue times admist the Covid-19 pandemic.
Features include:

  • Live Data Integration
  • Branded Site Widget
  • Unique O/D Pairings

Border Entry as a Service

It’s no longer as simple as needing a visa or valid passport, although we think it should be just as easy to prepare for a journey. This is why we source unique entry requirement data such as:

  • Child PCR Testing Requirements
  • Country-Specific Transit Requirements
  • Nationality Specific Entry Requirements

For your Passengers

Keep your passengers prepared and happy with SafeScore's fresh and up-to-date travel information via your website. Our range of offerings includes:

  • Tailored API Integrations
  • Information at Point of Search or Booking
  • Branded Widget

For your Team

Support your team by ensuring they have quick and easy access to reliable travel information. See the benefits:

  • Shorter queue times
  • Reduce numbers of passengers denied travel
  • Improve customer satisfaction








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